Favorite Links...

The Art Filled Eye - Jason Kirtley.
BiPolar - Matt Rasnake's blog.
BlandPlanet.com - Gary's Nihon-a-go-go
Edge8 - Scott Moore.
FluidMind.org - Dan Delaney!
4ourthgate - Charlie Dillon's blog.
Fourth Wall Murals - the (beautiful) art of Pat Sheehan.
krack.org - Jason Clark and friends super fun time electronic music party.
Lezley.info - Cousin Lezley is a talented Architect.
Lost in Louisville - Jackson Cooper.
Micro ISV on a Shoestring
odd tOdd - The Internet's most famous laid-off person.
Pie in a Bottle dot com - friend Ken (KF4BAR) makes delicious pie mix
Robert J. Noles, N9XS - My brother, Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator, Alan Parsons Fan, and so much more.
thelocust[dot]org - Ben Wilson. A young genius, fellow R/C airplane flyer, Linux enthusiast, and all-around Dorkus-Malorkus.
Seawana.com - Cool site from someone who likes StarMonger. Great fake banner ads and conspiracy-debunking fun.
VividBlack.net - Mary Yates!

The Astronomy Nexus
Cookin' With Google - If you don't know what to have for dinner, don't worry -- Google can help!
Disinfopedia - An encyclopedia of people, issues and groups shaping the public agenda.
Encyclopedia Astronautica
Everything2 - Welcome to everything!
Google - Ask here first...
Google News - Read it here first...
The Internet Movie Database - All about movies and very searchable. Cartoon version.
Mathworld - The web's most extensive math resource.
The Online Books Page
RedLightGreen - Book/Library search engine
RefDesk - A huge, well organized, fast-loading daily information portal.
Science Blog - Just like it sounds and very well done.
Scirus - Scientific search engine.
Snopes - Internet myth-busters and urban legend debunker.
Wikipedia - The free encyclopedia.
Wikipedia current events - What's happening? I keep my dreadlocks in a napkin ring...
Wildcat Research Assistant - Well organized links to useful sites to teach you what you want to know.

What the chicken? Achewood - I was fine without this until Ben made me read more than a little.
The Apothecary's Drawer - Scientific links, articles, games and curiosities. The virtual playground of writer and science journalist Ray Girvan.
Archive.org - The Internet Library. Not just for seeing old websites anymore.
Arts & Letters Daily - Food for the mind.
The Authentic History Center - American popular culture through the ages.
b3ta .com - They love the web.
Bad News Hughes has a somewhat tenuous membership in civilization.
Boing Boing - Oft-updated blog of more-or-less wonderful things.
Cockeyed - Some sites are made by fun, intelligent, humorous people who have attractive friends. With lots of pics, pranks, and semi-useful info. This is one of them.
DopeAwards - The best Flash sites on the net.
Drawn! - Multi-user blog about art and illustration.
The Escapist -covers gaming and gamer culture with a progressive editorial style.
The Exploratorium - Smart museums rock.
Fark - Need to kill some time?
Gaping Void - Cartoons drawn on business cards and frank, insightful discussion about advertising and marketing.
Galaxy Goo - Increasing science literacy since 1999.
Hello, Dollar! - Personal finance blog.
Homestar Runner - Seriously.
HonkingDuck.com - I just found this quirky old-timey music site with lots of old 78's online for all to enjoy.
LifeHacker - Don't live to geek; geek to live.
LifeHut - When life throws you a problem, the hut has the answer!
Maakies - Cartoons, illustrations, animations, art, "humor"
memepool - More links than you can shake a stick at, even if you had some sort of electric-stick-shaking-machine, ranging from the fascinating to the humorous to the strange. Check out the well sorted archives.
Metafilter - More democratic than Memepool, more civilized than Fark...
Natalie Dee - Peanut butter and jelly for breakfast.
oishii - a live filter for del.icio.us (constantly updated links to often good stuff)
The Onion - of course...
Penny-Arcade - Prose and comics about computer gaming and life, but mostly about computer gaming.
the PiNKY SHOW - A cartoon cat tells it like it is.
Science Friday - Making Science Radioactive.
SomethingAwful - Web humor ranging from tongue-in-cheek to finger-in-butt.
Splotch - Quartely electronic art mag.
SquareAmerica.com - A gallery of vintage snapshots & vernacular photography.
This American Life - A new theme and radio-documentary each week.

VII - Independent photojournalism hub.
Waxy.org - another good blog of hipness.
Web Zen - Weekly web picks on a theme.
WFMU - Freeform radio + blog
ZeFrank - Much Flash fun.

2dgames - Flash games site run by a nice chap.
5starshare - Quality freeware, shareware portal
Nuclear Power Plant Simulator on Annesoft
arcadebliss.com Games portal
Arcadepod - Games portal
AddictingGames.com - Games portal
Benwiggy.com - Games and lots more
Bingo Card Creator - Enables teachers to create custom bingo cards with ease.
CrazyFreeGames.com - I think the name says it all...
cuteapps.com - CuteApps.com - Freeware, shareware and quality commercial software downloads
FilesForFree.com - Download software for free, shareware, trialware, freeware and games
fileshome.com - Free directory of free and shareware software, scripts, desktop applications, games, screensavers
Flash Game Studio
FunFlashGames.com - Games portal
Gamer-Play - Games portal
Games Keeper - Games Portal
i am bored - Fun-links portal
LemonLand - It's more than a game.
Milk and Cookies - Fun-links portal
Free Downloads
onRPG.com - The Free MMORPG Source
PC Game Download Network: PC Games Collections and Downloadable PC Games.
Soft14.com - Freeware, shareware and quality commercial software downloads
Time Waster Arcade - Flash Games
TomDownload.com - Shareware downloads, reviews, submissions, and more. Download software of DVD iPod video converter, MP4 MP3 audio, antivirus, games etc.

Sell Downloads

Orisinal - Ferry Halim is a terrifically talented and prolific Flash game maker.
TeaGames - Many Flash games with great fun and physics.