Desktop Wallpaper:
Castleman Statue, Louisville, KY
Castleman Statue at Cherokee Triangle
RC Rain
RC Sailplane at the Park Wallpaper
RC Sailplane and
Real Hot Air Balloons
Flash Games
and Related:

Game Demos for Windows PCs:
Urban Chopper Rescue
Nuclear Power Plant Sim
Lemonade Stand

Flash Game Dev Resources:

[I stole this image from the wonderful]

Guided Missile 1
Guided Missile 2
Dynamic Aiming (Pointer)

(The above examples were created to help answer questions posed to me on various Flash forums or resource sites)

Truly Out There:
Graupner Terry FMS Sim Model
Graupner Terry RC Model for FMS sim
Amateur Radio Related:
MoreQuiz: Morse Code Training software for Windows and DOS
MorseQuiz Morse Code Training Software (Windows/DOS EXE)