Urban Chopper Rescue (First chopper bug fixed - sorry about that!)
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Urban Chopper Rescue

You can purchase the full retail version for immediate download here! Unlimited levels, pause button, stunt bonuses, and it runs smoother than the browser-based version!

Flying tips: Use your left hand fingers to cover keys 1, 2, 3 and 4, and rest your left thumb on the space-bar. Keep two fingers from your right hand on the left and right arrow keys. Use 1-4 for power, and rotate your helicopter with the arrow keys...drop water with space-bar. Don't try desperate maneuvers at first - get to know the chopper. The flight model is not that hard but you do have to fly it - this ain't Nintendo.

The following is from a forum that I replied to, it might help beginners learn to fly:
Well, it is a little difficult to fly at first. I made it fun for people who like RC planes and flight simulators and Lunar Lander games. However, it is not too bad with some practice.

Try this: When you start out, just use the "4" key for power (the one on the left side, not the num pad). I have found that most people only use this key anyway and the others (keys 1-3) might be confusing.

So, here's what you'll do. Hold down the 4 key for a second or two, and once you're in the air, "pulse" it to hover. Don't try the arrow keys yet, get used to hovering. If you start falling, apply more 4. If you shoot up fast, press it less.

Once you have the hover going well, start moving left and right by tilting your chopper with the left and right arrow keys. Use SHALLOW angles, especially at first. It can get away from you real quick!

Then, practice! And remember, when you pick up people, they are heavy. You CAN fly with 30 people but it is challenging.

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Note: As much as I prefer the Firefox browser, this game does run a little smoother in IE.

New helicopter action game! - A freak meteor shower is starting fires and stranding citizens all over the city! Use your helicopter to fight the fires with water bombs and land on top of buildings to rescue the people. Your rescue chopper can carry five water bombs and 30 passengers at a time. Land at your base to refuel and refit. This is sort of like Choplifter in the city.

This action game is based on a new lunar lander engine that I wrote in one afternoon recently for fun. (I am a fan of the genre). I didn't have any plans for it at first but I discovered that it was really fun to fly and the four power-levels was something fairly novel in the web-based lander games. I didn't want to do "yet another lunar lander" game so I made some changes. The boxy terrain of the new game engine lended itself to city buildings, so I decided on an urban theme. And a helicopter, of course. A retail version of this game is available for download. It features unlimited levels, a pause button and stunt bonuses! Also, it tends to run smoother than the browser-based version. Get it at the AE4RV store. Thanks for playing!

*** Minimum requirements: Flash 6 player, 1024x768 display, 1GHz+ CPU, 1.5 GHz or better CPU is recommended ***

WEBMASTERS: Please feel free to link to this game but please do not post it on your site and please do not link to the SWF file. - A distributable version is in consideration.

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