Nuclear Power Plant
by AE4RV

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Need more information about nuclear energy? Try the Nuclear Energy Institute or the Virtual Nuclear Tourist.

Brief Instructions (See in-game for a more detailed version) : The Control Rods affect the Reactor Temperature, the Primary Coolant carries Reactor Heat to the Heat Exchanger, the Secondary Coolant carries Heat Exchanger Heat to the Steam Turbine and the Cooling Tower. The Steam Turbine is connected to a large generator which makes the electricity. Use Emergency Coolant to cool down the Reactor quickly, if needed. The Maintenance Button only works if the Reactor Temperature is BELOW 100 and isn't available if the Reactor Temperature has never been above 100. Also, don't use Maintenance if you don't need it - it requires several game-days of idle time and will lower your power production average. The object of the game is to keep your power production average high while keeping the machinery within its operating limits and avoiding a MELTDOWN.

Interesting News: Greenpeace co-founder (Patrick Moore) now supports nuclear energy. Read his article from the Washington Post here. Quote: "Thirty years on, my views have changed, and the rest of the environmental movement needs to update its views, too, because nuclear energy may just be the energy source that can save our planet from another possible disaster: catastrophic climate change."

I never planned on making a statement with this game, I just want people who like simulations and 'process games' to play and enjoy it. My own views on atomic energy have varied over the years, but, nuclear fission is a clean and arguably very safe source of energy. With increasing evidence that global warming is happening now it is probably time for the world to increase it's use of alternative sources of electricity. Or, don't think about it and just play the game...

History of the Flash Nuclear Power Plant Simulator Game:
3/18/07 - Much better instructions, many minor improvements, mostly visual. The web version is at 1.2 and the downloadable version is at 1.3. Get it here.

7/12/03 - Added difficulty level option! Normal difficulty now allows operation of the plant without being plagued with coolant leaks. If you operate the plant within normal parameters you will not incur damage. If you abuse it however, all bets are off ;) The 'difficult' setting uses the old damage model.

11/28/02 - Moved the CRT display to the left since it really is the primary display. Also added some minor polish here and there.

07/22/02 - I have improved the numerical data-entry sliders. Sorry this has taken so long.

5/12/02 - I have added the secondary coolant loop to the animated diagram and slightly improved the instructions.

7/28/01 - I've been too busy to work on the instructions! Still am!

7/3/01 - Still working on the instructional diagrams...much progress on the Primary Coolant Loop...more to come when I have time.

6/29/01 - Mouse Rollover Tips for selected features, improved maintenance button, slightly improved graphics, slightly improved instructions...

6/4/01 - Took a long time to debug, but the Nuclear Power Plant Simulator game is up and running!

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