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This game is kind of a mixture of Atari Asteroids and Atari Lunar Lander created with Macromedia Flash 4 and 5 during December, 1999 and updated in December, 2001 (that's why it has a Christmas theme!). This is one of the most popular games here at AE4RV. Enjoy!

Pocket PC version available, scroll down for details.

Use your cursor keys to control the ship, fire with the spacebar. Fly high to see the "targets" and land your ship for fuel and don't want to run out of either!

For more a more challenging flight / lander game, try Urban Chopper Rescue!

Flashteroids is now available for the Pocket PC!News: Flashteroids 2003 Pocket PC Edition is here!!

5 Levels!
6 Music Tracks!
New Backgrounds!
New Asteroid images!
Fits in your pocket!

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