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December 9, 2001: FLASHTEROIDS 2001 is ready for your Holiday Gaming Pleasure...

December 7, 2001: Remember

 November 29, 2001: Goodbye, George Harrison.

[ActionScript minor deity]November 21, 2001: Though I'll probably regret it, I am going to offer a sneak-peek at my new (really big) Flash game, Midway (working title). It is going to be a map-based war game pitting W.W.II aircraft carriers (and aircraft!) against each other in a game of cat-and-mouse on a map that is 2,500 miles by 2,000. Current plans will let the player play the computer but there may be a multiplayer version in the (probably distant) future. The map is not a grid of hexes: Actual distances and directional vectors are employed in the game logic. It is not turn-based, rather, unless paused, the game continues on whether or not the player takes actions. Please remember, this game is far from finished. It is not even playable. Currently all you can do is move some aircraft carriers around and launch some planes, but it does give a glimpse in to what it will be. Click here to see it. (Flash 5 player required, at least 800x600 screen resolution recommended). is a great place to look for that old game you used to play but haven't seen in years. It is the best 'AbandonWare' site that I have ever seen, for games, anyway. The Hall of Belated Fame (HoBF) is a good place to start.

[LeisureTown]Leisuretown is a world inhabited by cute little plastic bendy-animals but it's not for kids. The artwork is often stunning to look at thanks to superb PhotoShop skills, and the twisted existential humor alone is worth the (optional) price of admission.

October 7, 2001: Since I love airplanes and computers it is understandable that I enjoy simulated flight. I would probably never build an elaborate cockpit or homebuilt flight simulator but I still want one.

September 30, 2001: It's Live! My game is live on the Phil Hendrie Show site, on the House of Fun page.

[Autumn]September 29, 2001: My latest contribution to life on the homefront, yet-another-Asteroids-clone video game, Hendroids, is a tribute to Phil Hendrie. Phil does a refreshingly funny talk show parody out of LA. His unique formula is to play the straight man to his somewhat insane 'guests' for whom he also provides the voices, in real time. The unsuspecting callers who argue with Phil's cartoonish characters provide more comedy than you can shake a radio at. I talked to Phil about Hendroids on this broadcast (no longer available), about an hour and 44 minutes in to the show.

September 15, 2001: I am still in a state of shock and bewilderment following the terrorist acts of war thrust upon my country on September 11, 2001. I had intended to post the URLs for organizations like the Red Cross until I found out that their web and email servers have been overwhelmed with the traffic of people who want to help. I would now simply urge everyone to help out in anyway that they can. Actually donate some blood. Give money at the office, your clubs, schools and churches. This is a different world today. Now we know that a dozen men with box-cutters can raze buildings and murder thousands. I believe that their cause has been set back 20 years by showing us what they are capable of. (Update: The Red Cross site is up and has helpful information on it. They need money most of all.)

August 20, 2001: In preparation for the two-year anniversary of Flashteroids 99 I've started work on a new version in time for Christmas 2001. This version will have many little improvements and a new weapon or two. I might do a non-Christmas version someday but for now I'm keeping the ornaments. They are easy to draw and believe it or not, Xmas is closer than you think!

July 29, 2001: I want a digital sundial. I want to make a Flash game as good as Mini-Golf. I'll probably get the sundial first.

July 28, 2001: Still very busy and distracted from updating this site or finishing the nuke game. When not staying late at work or flying toy airplanes I might be playing D0D. Happy Birthday to my big brother Robert.

July 8, 2001: New Site Design is up. It would have been up sooner but work has been busy and I got addicted to a little game called Bridge Builder. I have managed to tear myself away from this incredible time waster long enough to finish up the new design for and the addition of a few new pages. Another reason for the site-wide changes is to purge the Temp Folder which was used to house new content and sneak previews for the Nuclear Power Plant Simulator Game and the R/C Electric Airplane Model Flying pictures and pages.

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